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Introduction To Recognizing E-Sports as a Sport

E-Sports is a sport that’s gaining momentum in popularity. E-sports, which stands for electronic sports. There’s no denying that esports is a huge industry. With millions of players across the globe and millions more watching, it’s clear that esports has captured the imagination of people worldwide. But, if you ask me if it should be considered a sport, I’d have to say no. There are several reasons why I believe this, but first, let’s take a look at what makes something a sport in the first place.

Players are generally young, not physically active, and spend hours a day practicing.

An essential factor in the categorization of any activity as a sport is whether it is physically demanding. While it might seem obvious that a move like a golf would count, some don’t fit the mold. For example, chess has been considered a sport since 1972, when recognized by FIDE (the World Chess Federation). However, only a few people think chess is physically demanding; therefore, it doesn’t meet the criteria.

Compared to other sports, such as football and basketball, eSports have very little physical involvement, which is why many critics argue that they should not be considered actual sports. The players often sit in front of screens. At the same time, they play their game; they use their fingers to move around onscreen characters or manipulate virtual objects within the game world, making this an activity that isn’t very active.

It’s Not a Sport

eSports are not a sport. It is because eSports do not involve physical activity, exertion, or fitness.

Something must affect some physical activity to be considered a sport. The word “sport” comes from the Old French word desport, meaning “diversion” (the modern English equivalent being “entertainment”). The earliest definition of “sport” was recorded in 1748 as “an amusement or pastime.” It implies that sports have always been about entertainment and enjoyment rather than simply exercising your body for health purposes.

For something to be considered a sport, it must involve some physical exertion on behalf of the participant(s). For example:

  • In baseball, players run around bases.
  • In golf, players swing clubs.
  • In football, players tackle each other for yards gained after catching passes thrown by their quarterback.

In eSports, however, there is no running around bases, swinging clubs, or tackling anyone, just sitting at computers clicking buttons on controllers!


ESports are a sport, but it’s important to remember that only some agree. With this article, we hope to have given you some insight into how we came to that conclusion and why it matters in E-Sports as a Sport. Leave a comment below telling us what you think, and we’ll take a look!

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