LEC’s 2023 Viewership Drops in the Winter Split’s First Week

The LEC's Viewership Drops in the 2023 Winter Split's First Week. Posted On
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After the first week of the 2023 LEC Winter Split, it is clear that viewership will remain the same, despite introducing a new format.

According to Esports Charts, the highest number of viewers at any given time throughout the first week of the European competition was 454,630. Even if it could have been much worse, the number of people who watched the LEC Spring Split opening week last year was significantly higher than the number of viewers who watched this year’s opening week. The number of people watching the opening week of the LEC season in 2022 reached its all-time high of 527,567.

The battle between KOI and Excel garnered the most attention from spectators throughout the past three days. Furthermore, both teams might be among the best in their respective divisions. This match included an intriguing scenario in which Odoamne competed against his previous organization.

The match between Excel and G2 drew the most attendance in the first week of the LEC 2023 Spring Split last year. It was common for Caps and company to draw many spectators to their games, which continued during this particular contest. According to Esports Charts, 434,000 spectators watched the European El Classico match between G2 and Fnatic throughout the weekend.

The shift to the new timetable might be to blame for the decrease in viewing. LEC is now played on Saturdays and Mondays rather than Fridays and Saturdays, as it was during the previous season.

Update: Odoamne’s latest interview suggested a personal animosity against KOI. However, it was taken out of the article after clarifying that this was not the case.

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