GodLike Esports Addresses Stealing Valorant Players Rumors

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Having witnessed a similar situation, most gaming viewers surmised which organization was supposedly behind this alleged attempt to abduct a Valorant player from Global Esports (GE).

GodLike Esports was again in the spotlight, entangled in yet another controversy despite the affected party taking no names. Most Indian players asked GodLike Esports General Manager Kammaljeet Singh to reject all charges.

The general manager of GodLike Esports replied to accusations of attempted player poaching by Valorant.

Rushindra Sinha of Global Esports revealed on January 27 that an Indian group had tried to recruit one of its players. GodLike Esports formed among personalities and community members after the incident went viral, and they started discussing it.

However, it was all hearsay because the originator of this information had not collected any names. Rushindra Sinha and other members of his organization remained tight-lipped despite several complaints against GodLike.

In reaction to the claims, Kammaljeet from GodLike Esports tweeted a few words on his official Instagram account. The organization has already signed its Valorant roster, along with a snapshot of a WhatsApp group titled ‘GodL Valorant’ that was allegedly created on January 20.

Suppose any of the parties still have questions or misconceptions. In that case, Kammaljeet encourages them to contact him to maintain “respect and decency” between them.

The claimed player poaching crisis has been resolved for the time being. Because they’re vigilant, the community wouldn’t fall for deceptive claims in a similar situation.

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