ATF Replaces Miracle. Nigma Galaxy Carry Player

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Nigma Galaxy New Carry Player

Nigma Galaxy is a professional Dota 2 team with a long history of success in esports. Recently, the team lost their long-time carry player due to health issues. But Nigma Galaxy made a significant move by signing ATF as their newest carry player.

Ammar Al-Assaf, also known as ATF, is one of the scene’s most talented and experienced players. ATF Replaces Miracle as the new carry of the Nigma Galaxy Dota 2 team.

Who is ATF in Dota 2 Scene?

ATF had played professionally since 2017 when he was just 15 years old. He won numerous tournaments and awards, including placing 7th-8th at The International 11 – the biggest esports event of the year.

ATF also holds various records for both kills and assists per minute in professional games, making him one of the most effective Pos 3 in Dota 2.

At Nigma Galaxy, ATF will be filling the role previously held by Miracle-, who left to take a break due to health issues. This move marks ATF’s first time playing for another organization besides OG. He previously played for teams such as OG and Creepwave.

With ATF now part of their roster, Nigma Galaxy hopes to continue their legacy of success in Dota 2 and build upon it further with ATF’s experience and skill set.

ATF is leading the way on the carry role along with other veterans from Nigma Galaxy, such as KuroKy and GH, in support roles.

The team’s current lineup could challenge for trophies in next year’s Majors and The International tournament.

Ammar The F Achievements in Dota 2

ATF is no stranger to success, either. In addition to the achievements mentioned earlier, he recently won the ESL One Stockholm 2022 with OG against TSM in an exciting five-game series.

Given his decorated background in professional Dota 2, it is easy to see why Nigma Galaxy chose ATF as their new carry player. They certainly believe ATF can help them reach even greater heights this coming season.

Only time will tell what kind of impact ATF will have on Nigma Galaxy throughout next season. But there is no doubt that they have made a great choice in selecting him as their newest carry player.

With a roster full of veterans leading up to ATF’s newly added experience, fans everywhere are excited to see how far this team can go. They all come together under one banner with one goal: winning The International!

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